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Cool, moist trees are happy trees. So lower your thermostat. Don’t place the tree near a window facing the sun, or near a heating vent. And while location is key, the three most important words in Christmas trees are hydration, hydration, hydration.

Water your tree immediately when it arrives home. And add some tree preservative or a tiny bit of dish soap to the water. Don’t ask, just trust us. Then check the water level every day.

If you don’t water right away, Mr. Greentrees recommends that you fresh cut the tree before putting it in water. And if your tree dries up in spite of your best intentions, all is not lost. Remove the water with a turkey baster or wet/dry vacuum; drill small holes through the bark around the base, BELOW the water line; and refill the container.

Spritzing your wreaths, garlands and tree—being mindful of lights and ornaments—frequently will also prolong their beauty. But please remember that your tree began dying the moment it was cut down. So a tree purchased for Thanksgiving may not retain its freshness throughout the entire holiday season.  Wreaths and garlands retain even less water than trees, so should always be purchased late in the season, or traded out mid-season for even more fun and holiday joy!


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